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Challenge & Win (2nd Round)

Anti-aging Healthy Lifestyle Challenge (2nd Round)

Our very exciting and prize giving contest, second round Anti-aging Healthy Lifestyle Challenge has just started for complete one month! Make your action now and redeem all the BIG & LUXURY prizes from us!

What you need to do is to share your creative videos with “isholution” theme into your social media and hashtag with #isholution #Antiaging #HealthyLifestyle #Bzzworld #redefindage

T&C applies. For more details please refer to your nearest branch

Continue from the online discussion about the benefits of isholution on energy levels, by next Monday 18th Oct 2021, Dr. Fernando Cortizo would like to demonstrate another powerful features of isholution.

– The connection of isholution with building an ideal shape.
For those who want to stay in shape, don’t miss out on the next online sharing at the #bzzworldglobal YouTube Channel.
Time Zone:
8.30 pm Malaysia
8.30pm Manila
7:30 pm Jakarta
1:30 pm Douala
2:30 pm Paris
8:30 am Washington